Laughter Filled the Room

My talk of approxiamately 50 minutes in front of about 55-60 seniors went extremely well. I started off with a joke regarding the election today which got them laughing then continued on with all the places and situations I found myself while managing restaurants and waiting on tables from 1986-1996. During this time I explained how I went from working on islands , mountains , to cruise ships living out of a suitcase.

I was fortunate too because the speaker before me gave them information overload with a talk about the wolf. A lot of people thought it was great entertainment and I was happy about that because that is what the talk was supposed to be.

So I would like to do it again. I asked for referrals and got one and I will be able to use them for a reference too if needed. In the future I want to add a talk on Customer Service to restaurant employees and students. I am going to work on it.

For now though it was a good start today. We will continue planning something.

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