A Waiter’s Dream

Thursday night I got this table of 2. It was a young couple in the mid -20’s and I believe their native tongue was from Slovakia , Romania , or one of those countries where their last name probably ended in “ich.”

Anyway he ordered a bottle of wine and their starters and also ordered their main course.When he did order he asked his partner in their language what she wanted and then relayed the information to me.

It was a pretty easy table to serve and while eating their main course he ordered another bottle of wine.That was fine and upon clearing their table , they still had half a bottle to go , he then got up and sat beside her and put his arms around her and started to kiss her.

This was also okay but I started to figure that right then he should just start showing her the way to the door and head to his place to continue this affection. Besides I knew that when they left I could also go home as the dining room section was about to close and there was no sign of any people that were going to wander in in the next few minutes.

They had paid their bill and I was just hanging around when I thought in order for me to cash out I should ask them if they want something else before the bar closed. So I went over and asked and since they each had a good glass of wine left they declined anything else from the bar.

Upon printing out my sales breakdown for the evening I noticed the man look my way and put up his hand to get my attention. Now I was resigned to the fact I would have to stay later than I had hoped.

When I approached him he asked me this question , ” Can I have 2 Espresso?” to which I replied , ” No we do not have espresso.” He was stunned! “No espresso?”

You see this is the first place I have worked in years where we just serve tea and coffee only.No espresso , double espresso , lattes , cappucinos , decaf espressos and cappucinos.Nothing!

Does anyone else out there not like making all these coffees like I do?

All it does is slow down service when you have to make them , leaving other tables wondering where you are when you disappear from their sight to concoct these coffee creations in the back of the house.

This to me is a waiter’s dream. My dream anyway.No decaf espressos , please!

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