Road Construction Nightmare

About 4 weeks ago we received a notice in our mailbox that the condominium corporation was going to do some roadwork in front of our townhouse and that our patience during this time would be greatly appreciated while the work was being done.

Fine I thought , we can put up with the inconvenience for the time being.School had just started and everything was getting back to normal etc.. so why not fix our road which was falling apart anyway.

A day or two later the tractors came and tore up the road and our driveways then left. No one showed up for days later. I had a chat with one of the foreman one day where they were paving a driveway a couple of blocks away and he mentions that they are way behind and when they get a chance they will get over to our street ASAP. He also said that the heavy rain from this summer left the foundation very wet so they wanted it to dry a bit more.

Twelve straight sunny days we experienced and no one showed up.Finally on Monday this week the steamrollers arrived with some new dirt to flatten the road out and get it ready for paving when the rain arrived again.Rain is in the forecast for all of this week.They have not been back since.

So in the meantime we have to park on the road and make way to our townhouse carrying groceries and other such things.

Now usually when things like this occur I realize it is out of my hands as to when they can complete the job but things took a difficult turn last week.

I arrive rather late at home from work and to find a parking spot near our place is not easy.The constuction workers during this period have put pylons in front of our road to prevent cars from driving on it so as to let it settle.So last Sunday when I get home from work there was a place in front of the pylons that was available so I took it.It was the not the first time I parked in front of them during the past 4 weeks.Lo and behold I get a ticket for obstructing a roadway. And oh yes if in fact an emergency vehicle had to get through they could take the other street and just come down the other way as our roadway is U Shaped.

So here we are 4 weeks later and no sign of the road getting paved , the weather is getting cooler and wetter and we get a ticket for obstructing a roadway that was already obstructed with pylons!

Our patience is wearing thin and we are going to fight this ticket! To heck with it!

What would you do????


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