How to Be Popular with Co-Workers

People love a compliment even if they don’t believe it simply because for a few seconds in their life it makes them happy.Compliments repeated over and over again make people laugh because they know it is you being sarcastic.What I have noticed is even though I hurl out compliments to co-workers in the restaurant at breakneck speed and everyone thinks I am full of it not one person has ever told me to stop it.

I am more like a commentator when I pay a compliment.For example , the salad person is really busy and while he is making a Caesar Salad I will say something like , “wow you are really at the top of your game today” or “I’m so happy you are here today now my worries are over.”This is when the person looks back with a big smile.

Here is another one I like saying to a fellow waiter , “I have been watching you and you are really all over your tables tonight with great service.”Even if I haven’t spoke to that person all night and it is especially busy this person will always smile.It breaks the stress for a lot of people.Even if it is totally being sarcastic.

Another thing I do when it gets really busy is I may break out in song.This is great when you are waiting for your drink to be made by the busy bartender who has 5 orders to do before yours’.For instance , there is a waiter who is about my age and we were both waiting for our drinks when I started singing “Volare” an Al Martino song.”Vooooollllaaaaaaaaarreeeeeeeeeeee!Oooooh Ooooooh…..

On other occasions depending on what song is playing on the sound system you can get people to laugh just by bobbing your head side to side or up and down.This especially works for me just because I am an old fart compared to the others I work with who were not even born yet when some of these songs were out.Also because I look stupid doing it.

Last night I poked some fun at myself which gets people to laugh as well.One of the servers at work who is popular with the girls and was recently with one at the bar the other night was being teased about it.I jumped in and said to a few co-workers who were around , ” you think he is pretty good-looking for his age right , well when I was his age I was twice as good-looking as he is.” So you can use yourself to draw laughs as well.

What I am saying is if you want to be popular at work , work on being popular. Be a positive , enthusiastic , light humoured character and you will attract people around you.


  1. my advice…..just be good……I’ve never been chuns with someone who wasn’t good at their job….

  2. Manuel….Good advice.Nor have I in fact and fortunately the ones who are not getting the job done are tossed out pretty quickly.My main focus will always be the guests in my section.Service is number #1.

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