A Canadian Country Music Legend

One of the perks you get working in a restaurant is you occasionally get someone walking in who is an actor , singer , athlete , or depending where you work prime ministers and royalty.I have the good fortune of serving quite a few but last night was a special treat for me.

When I walked over to my table 7 this man looked right back up to me and instantly I knew who he was.I used to watch his show usually with my Dad on a Saturday night back in the early 80’s when I would go visit him and it would come on at 7PM on Saturday night on CBC channel 6.There was no cable in those days so everyone would tune to the Tommy Hunter Show.

Not one of the staff had heard of him as most are half my age.At the end of their dinner I went up to him and asked him if anyone still ask for his autograph to which he replied ” of course.” We talked a bit of when he had his show and how big a star he was back then.What a great sense of humour as well.He said that I probably would remember him when he saw my grey hair.

He was my last table of the evening and when I was leaving I said good night to him as he was saying good bye to his dinner guests.I was tempted to ask him to sing a few bars but thought better of it at the time.

As I walked to my car with his autograph stashed neatly in my wallet I thought about how great this business is……….

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